About Us

In an era often defined by new and emerging digital mediums, we align our expertise of today’s ever-changing technology with a clear understanding of traditional marketing concepts. This approach allows us to take advantage of the vast number of opportunities made available by modern technology, without losing sight of the tried and true methods of yesterday.

In a world of automated, one-size-fits-all digital marketing solutions, Desilor LLC is unique

Instead of providing clients with pre-packaged lists of digital marketing service offerings—like many of our competitors—we instead take the time to learn about your business or organization. What are you trying to accomplish? What marketing methods work best in your industry? In your region? In your state? In your town? What specific tools can we implement to best utilize your marketing budget, ultimately maximizing success for you?

The difference is clear

At Desilor we aren’t selling the same dusty list of digital marketing products and services to every client—no matter the client’s size, location, or industry. Instead, we are building customized strategic marketing solutions that ensure that you get the best results possible for each of your marketing dollars.

We don’t suggest marketing services simply because those are the tools that we are most comfortable with. And we certainly don’t push services on clients because they are the most profitable for our own company. Instead we strive to establish a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with our clients by offering structured marketing solutions that best align with our clients’ goals and strategies.

Veterans Expeditions

I can’t say enough about Desilor Multimedia and their professionalism, talent, and timeliness during the design and implementation of our veteran nonprofit website. From start to finish, Desilor made the experience seamless and transparent. Desilor’s staff is friendly and knowledgeable—walking our organization through every step, from design to launch. Any questions we had regarding content or functionality Desilor was able to answer quickly and clearly. Desilor will continue to be a partner we rely upon for many years to come.

Joshua Oakley, Vice President

Future iQ

I am not sure words can express how impressed we have been with the work, the people and the impact of working with the Desilor Multimedia team. We were in desperate need of a website, what we got was a whole company identity that is in perfect sync with our vision.

Juliet Fox

Grand River Health

Desilor has been a phenomenal company to work with.  Our last project ended up being much larger than originally estimated and Desilor delivered a refined, high-quality product within our original time-frame and budget.  I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Annick Pruett

Clear Connection Chiropractic

The team at Desilor Multimedia is one of the most talented and competent group of designers we have had the pleasure of working with. They are incredibly efficient and knowledgeable with a broad spectrum of design skills. The work produced by Desilor Multimedia is always of distinctly high quality and we have found our expectations to be exceeded time and time again.

Dr. Chad Barfknecht


Desilor Multimedia is a small but well rounded team of people that form a unique and diverse advertising agency. We bring years of experience and expertise all under a single mission – to help your business or organization grow. We do this with great design across various media channels including print, web, mobile, email, video, branding and more. Through proper ad planning, consultation, marketing strategy and flawless execution, we can help you reach the next level – all while looking fantastic.

A Full Service Digital Marketing Alternative to Costly In-House Marketing Employees

Are you considering hiring in-house marketing professionals to handle your advertising, design and collateral production?  Pump the brakes. Desilor Multimedia can be the outsourced marketing production house that will save you money, provide you with more professional end-products and give you access to vastly more diverse offering of digital marketing products.

Don’t shell out thousands of dollars on computers, software, health care and other benefits.  At Desilor, we cover all of those expenses for you and can offer a broad range of powerful products and services, often for less than what you would pay in salary for one digital marketing professional.

To hire an in-house marketing group to rival the capabilities of Desilor, you will need to build out a team of five or more marketing professionals.  We offer amazing design, compelling content development, effective SEO, gorgeous photography, powerful web development, and inspiring video services all under one roof.

Key Benefits of Working with Desilor Multimedia

  • Marketing Solutions Customized for Your Organization
  • Agile and Flexible Production Schedules
  • An Amazingly Diverse Suite of Professional Digital Marketing Services All Under One Roof
  • A Cost-Saving Alternative to an In-House Marketing Team
  • Our Carefully Crafted, Time-Tested and Beautifully Evolved Production Process Keeps Projects on Schedule While Maximizing Effectiveness
  • A Demonstrated Ability to Work with Clients All Over the U.S. — And the World
  • Decades of Expertise in All Things Digital, Marketing and Advertising
  • Our Headquarters in Rural Colorado Allows Us to Keep Costs Low While Giving Our Team a Great Lifestyle